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My top 50 gluten free lunch box ideas

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How many of us struggle with what to pack for lunches?
For people who deal with food allergies it can be essential to bring "safe" food along in a variety of settings. I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of some of my favorite lunch options. Note: the lunch box system I have is from but there are many "bento lunch systems" like these.

The ideas:
1. All varieties of green salads
2. Quinoa salads
3. Yogurt parfaits with gluten free granola
4. Cheese and gluten free crackers
5. Any variety of fruit and berries
6. Cut up veggies with hummus or salad dressing
7. Stew and rice packed together to keep warm.
8. Sushi (make sure it has no soy sauce or imitation crab meat since both contain gluten).
9. Gluten free pretzels with mustard dip
10. Nuts and dried fruit
11. Cottage cheese
12. Taco salads/ nachos
13. Chicken or tuna salad
14. Beef jerky (make sure it is a kind that is gluten free).
15. Hard boiled eggs or egg salad
16. String cheese or "Laughing Cow" cheese bites.
17. Risotto
18. Lettuce Wraps (have the gluten free PF Chang recipe to post later).
19. Spring Rolls
20. Popcorn
21. Smoothies
22. Rice cakes
23. Sweet potato chips or some of the great gluten free chips they have out now.
24. Gluten free oatmeal with a little milk (almond milk if casein sensitive), cinnamon, dried nuts and berries.
25. Sandwiches and wrap sandwiches on gluten free breads (I really like the panini style ones).
26. Thai noodles
27. Gluten free pizza slices
28. Chili
29. Gluten free mac and cheese
30. Gluten free pasta salad/ potato salad
31. Deviled Eggs
32. Shrimp and gluten free seafood sauce
33. Leftover gluten free spaghetti or lasagna
34. Gluten free burrito or tamale
35.Refried beans topped with cheese and salsa with corn chips
36. Sauteed veggies over brown rice
37. A stuffed baked potato
38. Leftover Shepherd's pie
39. Tomato soup and a gluten free grilled cheese sandwich
40. Leftover omelet or frittata
41. Stuffed squash or peppers
42. Nut butters on crackers and rice cakes
43. Veggie burgers
44. "Egg McMuffins" on gluten free english muffins
45. Leftover kebabs
46. Fruit, cheese, and a great gluten free roll
47. Gluten free foccacia bread with olive oil and dipping herbs
48. Tuna sashimi
49. Other great soups like loaded baked potato, broccoli cheese, butternut squash bisque, wild rice etc.
50. Leftover gluten free casseroles always reheat easily.

Hopefully, this gives you some creative ideas. It is also healthier and cheaper to bring lunch along with you. Happy menu planning! xo

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