Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Workout Rules

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Over 40 percent of people with Celiac disease are considered obese (I will do a separate blog post on the science behind this later). Doctors have long thought that people with Celiac are only was I for many years before my weight ballooned for "no reason". Over 10 years of trying every diet on the planet to only lose at the most 15 pounds and struggling with "why" and resigning myself to being overweight I found answers: over 60 pounds less of answers.

After figuring out it was Celiac Disease I started with going strictly gluten free. My body initially gained weight after that (aah...nutrients). Then I did basic portion control and I started to workout. I now LOVE exercising..have regained my health and feel better than I did 15 years ago. There are no shortcuts but the rewards are amazing. I am constantly asked about my workout "routine"..I would rather give you my rules.

10. Be consistent 5-6 days a week. There is not one week I worked out less than 4 times a week in over a year.
9. Be patient. You did not gain the weight overnight and you will not lose it overnight.
8. Lift weights: muscle mass changes your metabolism and you have to change your body from the inside out (weights at least 2 times a week).
7. Do cardio with intense bursts but within the fat burning range (where you are pushing yourself but can hold a conversation) at least 4 times a week.
6. Do yoga or pilates for your core at least 1 time a week.
5. MIX IT UP! You have to keep your body guessing to get past plateaus.
4. Honour your body. If your body says rest then rest do not keep beating yourself up..just start again tomorrow.
3. Believe in your body's capacity to change and heal. I am living proof.
2. Find friends to support you in your fitness journey.
1. HAVE FUN!!! Do something that makes you feel ALIVE (my favorite is latin dance)..enjoy your body moving,,sweat and enjoy the endorphins. You will learn to NEED them. Here's to your health! xo

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