Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why go Gluten Free

Gluten Free: "the new fad diet"; "the latest food allergy craze"; "I know someone who is gluten free"

One of the number one questions I get from people when I mention that I follow a gluten free diet is "should I be gluten free?" or "what are the benefits of following a gluten free diet?"

Here is a rundown of some facts for your consideration:
1. Millions are allergic to wheat as it is one of the top food allergies.
2. Almost 3 million people have Celiac Disease. It's the most common genetic disease of mankind (yet for every person diagnosed, 140 will go undiagnosed).
3. Many kids on the Autistin Spectrum and FASD are showing great improvement on a gluten/ casein free diet.
4. Many other auto-immune diseases are showing improvement after the implementation of a gluten free diet.
5. Numbers are unknown at this time but many people are "gluten sensitive" without having full blown Celiac disease.
6. Some research is demonstrating that menopausal women should be gluten free.
7. Dr. Nicholas Perricone suggests avoiding carbs and high-glycemic-index foods (like bagels, bread, cookies, cake) to improve complexion and reduce wrinkles.
8. There are associations between high-glycemic/ starchy foods and diabetes, ovarian cancer, obesity and heart disease.

I am not here to tell you to go gluten free or not. I cannot begin to express the number of health changes I have undergone since going gluten free myself. I hope only to offer insight, knowledge and maybe for some..answers.

May your day be filled with light, love and blessings. xo

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