Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

One of the requests I have had is to give some basic meal planning ideas. I already did a post on gluten free lunch ideas so here is a list of some gluten free breakfast ideas. I hope this helps with your meal planning.

1. Omelets (the picture above is a bacon and cheese omelet) or frittatas (see my other post).
2. Gluten free cereal topped with some fresh fruit. I like Chex cereal (the ones that are gluten free are clearly marked on the outside) topped with some blueberries.
3. Greek yogurt with honey, fresh fruit (mango is awesome here) and gluten free granola (Udi makes a great one).
4. Smoothies or a fitness protein shake (I like "Myoplex Lite" and "Muscle Milk" both which are gluten  free).
5. Gluten free toast with peanut butter (gluten free bread is always better toasted).
6. Home fries, eggs and gluten free sausage (all Jones Naturals are gluten free and Hormel little sizzlers is another favorite).
7. Gluten free waffles (so good topped with whip cream and strawberries).
8. Good old fashioned gluten free buttermilk pancakes (will do a recipe for a good one later).
9. European style: fresh fruit, some cheese (if you can have dairy) and some Earl Grey tea with milk.
10. Gluten free oatmeal (your oatmeal must be designated gluten free because most oatmeal is cross contaminated with wheat) topped with brown sugar and dried fruit.
11. An elegant egg dish like the eggs florentine post or Huevos Rancheros (will do a post on later).
12. Gluten free biscuits and gravy (will do a recipe on later).
13. A Gluten free donut (Kinnikinnick makes a really good maple one).
14. A great gluten free muffin (Udi makes some really yummy ones).
15. Cappuccino and a biscotti (Pamela's makes yummy ones).
16. A breakfast bowl with home fries topped with scrambled eggs, diced ham (make sure it is gluten free) and cheddar cheese.
17. Scrambled eggs with fresh salsa.
18. Cottage cheese and fruit salad.
19. Espresso and a gluten free scone (will do a recipe for later).
20. A favorite from European travel.. a gluten free crepe (will do a recipe for later) topped with Nutella and some Orangina or Evian water.

One of my favorite memories is horseback riding in Tuscon and cooking amazing breakfasts in the middle of the desert..make breakfast delicious...here is to a stylish start to your day! xo

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