Friday, January 27, 2012

Ways to Warm up the Winter

"You'd be so lean, that blast of January
Would blow you through and through.  Now, my fair'st friend,
I would I had some flowers o' the spring that might
Become your time of day."
-  William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale, Act IV Scene 4 

By the end of January, "Winter doldrums" set in for many people. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of fun activities to do at home that can brighten up a cold day. Wishing you all warmth, happiness, peace and love. Namaste.

1. Buy a beautiful journal and take some time to record your inner thoughts.

2. Schedule a facial or do a home facial, (I like to do Dr. Hauschka facials at home).

3. Make hot chocolate the French way: Break some Swiss chocolate into pieces and melt it in a saucepan over low heat. Slowly add milk, while stirring and simmer gently for 5 minutes before serving.

4. Bake some homemade bread.

5. Renew friendships: schedule lunch with someone or call someone you have not connected with in awhile.

6. Get a manicure/ pedicure.

7. Plan a pajama party for one: Rent a great classic movie. Put on some warm flannel pajamas and settle into bed with a tray table of yummy snacks.

8. Get a make-up lesson at a department store.

9. Go to an art museum.

10. Go the Zoo and enjoy the indoor exhibits.

11. Add a healthy new vegetable to your repertoire.

12. Go for an outdoor hike.

13. Take a day off and spend it with a new book, a cashmere throw, herbal tea, and a fire or candles.

14. Exercise for at least an matter how you feel.

15. Edit your wardrobe.

16. Drink homemade lemonade with honey.

17. Buy some indoor plants to bring nature into the home.

18. Read some inspiring poetry.

19. Take a dance lesson.

20. Try a hot-stone massage with warm oil.

21. Take a decadent bubble bath.

22. Eat some food with a little spice.

23. Make a dinner with food that reminds you of Summer, (i.e. grilled seasoned fish).

24. Write a letter to someone on beautiful stationary.

25. Re-read a favorite book from childhood.

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