Friday, February 3, 2012

Celiac Socializing Tips

One of the challenges of living with Celiac disease is attending social events and knowing what to eat or not. I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of tips to make socializing easier..and hopefully more fun. I wish you love, laughter and happiness. Namaste.

1. Eat something ahead of time, (a protein and a complex carb like mutli-grain gluten free crackers), to reduce impulse eating.

2. Veggies are safe but watch out for dips that often contain gluten.

3. Let your host of hostess know ahead of time about your dietary restrictions.

4. Stay away from beer, (unless it is "gluten free" beer).

5. Be aware of marinades and salad dressings which also contain gluten.

6. Bring along some gluten free crackers in to have with cheese. Stay away from sausages which often contain gluten.

7. Be aware of grocers in the area if you need to get some gluten-free food.

8. Also be aware of places that do gluten free take-out.

9. Offer to bring along some dishes that are gluten free so there is something you know is safe to eat.

10. Be open and honest about your condition. It is more common that people realize and I have found that hosts and hostesses go out of there way to accommodate their guests.

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