Monday, February 27, 2012

March Pampering Tips

That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty."
- William Shakespeare 

     When I think of the month of March, the themes of clarification and renewal come to mind. Preparing ourselves for the promise of Spring can be relaxing and uplifting. Here are some ideas to pamper yourself and do some self-care for the mind, body and soul. I wish you month full of hope, love and peace. Namaste.

1. Get a salon blowout to feel beautiful and pampered.

2. Be "selfish": once a day do something just for you.

3. Be generous: once a day do something for someone else.

4. Buy a bouquet of Spring flowers.

5. Clarify your pores by steaming your face over a large bowl of hot chamomile tea. Steam for 5 minutes.

6. Get your brows professionally shaped.

7. Watch less TV and spend some time reading a book.

8. Dry brush your skin and take a cooler shower. Then, towel off with a warmed, fluffy towel and apply a favorite body lotion.

9. Dry clean your winter sweaters so they will be ready for next season.

10. Rotate the clothes in your closet to incorporate Spring colors.

11. Iron your shirts and pants to look "pulled together".

12. Be less judgmental of others.

13. Increase the amount of meditation that you do.

14. Try a new form of yoga.

15. Buy fresh asparagus and cook one of your favorite recipes with it.

16. Buy a bare top in a bright, Spring color.

17. Overdress versus underdress for occasions.

18. Do a sea-salt body scrub followed by a seaweed bath to detoxify skin.

19. Buy a sturdy umbrella.

20. Go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning.

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